Long Beach Transit

CSULB students are saving up to $265 on their commute. What’s their secret?

As a new semester begins on the campus of CSULB, students everywhere are using this one weird trick to avoid parking hassle and pocket more money for essentials. It’s called the Go Beach! Pass from Long Beach Transit. It’s a bus pass that offers unlimited rides to campus, home and work, for way less than the cost of filling gas tanks and paying for parking tickets.

The Go Beach! Pass is available starting September 13, although LBT advises you not to use your pass until fare collection resumes September 19. Just, like, have it on you so you’re ready. Here’s how the Go Beach! Pass works: Students can purchase either a 30-day or 150-day pass, activated at the time of first ride. The 30-day pass costs just $40, while the 150-day semester version runs a cool $100. Now let’s say you rode the bus and paid full fare each time ($1.25 per ride). The Go Beach! Pass can save you up to $265 over the course of a semester, and here’s the kicker – any student at CSULB can get a Go Beach! Pass. Long Beach Transit straight up wants you to save money, no cap. Follow these steps to snag your Go Beach! Pass and save:
  • First, visit ridelbt.com/students and scroll down the CSULB section. There, follow the link to get your one-time promo code.
  • After that, either use your phone to download the TAP LA mobile app and select the CSULB Go Beach! 150-day or 30-day pass, or go IRL to CSULB’s Office of Parking and Transportation Services to pick up your physical TAP Card.
  • If you have a physical card, you’ll need to visit the TAP website to create an account and add your promo code. If you’ve got the app, just enter that promo code and you’ll be ready to roll.
  • Full step-by-step instructions can be found at ridelbt.com/students if our little cheat sheet wasn’t enough. You’re smart, you’ll figure it out!
TL;DR – Get your Go Beach! Pass from Long Beach Transit to save crazy money on your trips to campus and around town. Visit ridelbt.com/students to see how to get your pass.