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A green community, with the help of LBT’s sustainable fleet

With gas prices at an all-time high, public transit is increasingly becoming an even more affordable option for getting around Long Beach. When you combine the relief that taking public transit offers your wallet with the environmental benefits of riding the bus, opting for the bus instead of your car is a simple yet powerful step to becoming more sustainable every day.

Long Beach Transit is leading the charge when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of city transportation. LBT has developed a plan to lower their environmental impact over the next decade, starting with their 100-percent alternatively fueled green fleet. This fleet includes battery electric buses, near-zero emission compressed natural gas buses and gasoline-hybrid electric buses, with 14 new battery electric buses joining soon. The goal? A completely zero-emission fleet by 2035.

So what does this green fleet mean for you and where you live? With over seven million combined miles traveled per year, LBT’s buses cover the same distance as 600 cars over that time span. With an alternatively fueled fleet, LBT is able to offset over 312,000 gallons of gas every year, paying big dividends to the environment.

In addition to its longer-term goals, Long Beach Transit has also signed the American Public Transportation Association’s sustainability commitment as a pledge to engage in a broader set of sustainability principles. Now, core and prospective customers can feel even better about the commutes they make with Long Beach Transit.

When you ride the bus with Long Beach Transit, you are able to help connect a sustainable present to a more livable future for your city and your community.

So if saving on gas isn’t enticing enough, helping to save the planet is a reason to make this Earth Day the time you ride with Long Beach Transit. Need help planning your trip? Download the Moovit app for bus schedules and route information

For even more sustainability tips and local shops with green products, follow Long Beach Transit on social media.
– Celeste Huecias

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