Canseco playing baseball again – in Long Beach

He’s back.

Jose Canseco is playing baseball again. Not for any Major League Baseball team or any minor league team affiliated with MLB, but for Long Beach’s own independent team, the Armada.

The former MLB all-star, and recently notable for his book, “Juiced: Rampant Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got Big,” was traded from the San Diego Surf Dawgs to the Armada after playing just one game for San Diego.

Canseco asked the Golden Baseball League for a trade because he said he didn’t want to drag his nine-year-old daughter with him on the road. The two live in the Los Angeles area.

Sporting his brand new grey Armada t-shirt and navy blue hat, the now 42-year-old Canseco, who still has the physique of a body builder, was introduced to reporters Friday afternoon at Blair Field.

“I’m coming back for the love of the game,” Canseco said. “I’ve been out of the game for five years, so it’s going to take me seven to 10 days to get my timing back.”

Former major league player and two-time all star Darrell Evans, who is now the Armada manager, was excited to acquire the ex-major leaguer.

“Jose is one of the best players of all time. Right now he is in spring training mode, but with his physical presence, he brings a professional atmosphere to the clubhouse,” Evans said.

Through Tuesday, Canseco has had 13 at-bats in three games and has tallied one hit.

A majority of the press conference dealt with new allegations made by Canseco toward MLB.

Canseco called the MLB hierarchy “the Mafia,” and that MLB “coerced players,” including Rafael Palmeiro, to not come out about steroids in baseball.

“I guarantee you that Major League baseball grabbed these players and negotiated deals with them,” Canseco said.

Canseco says that he will reveal more information about steroids in baseball when his movie hits theaters.

“When my movie comes out in a year and a half, it is going to knock Major League Baseball on its head,” Canseco said. “Major League Baseball has a lot to worry about.”

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