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Old logos are replaced at the Walter Pyramid

The Walter Pyramid will undergo a small makeover this summer and the iconic “Beach” script logo, with its surrounding palm trees, will not make the cut. Instead, the new “BEΛCH” logo will be painted on both free throw lines with a giant interlocking “LB” logo at center court.

The athletics department has decided to re-brand the hardwood with new logos and a darker floor color for the upcoming season.

Every year the athletics department resurfaces the Pyramid’s floor with a clear coat finish, which is roughly $35,000 annually, according to athletics director Andy Fee. In addition to this cost, the rebranding will come out to a total of $25,000.

The process involves sanding off old logos and printing the new logos on the floor which is then resurfaced with a clear, glossy coat.

Not everyone is a big fan of the change, with men’s basketball guard Deishuan Booker expressing his fondness of the old court and its palm trees. “I missed the trees already”, Booker said via Twitter.

The athletics department showcased the new “BEΛCH” logo with new softball and beach volleyball team jerseys during the spring 2018 semester. But there have not been been any announcements as to whether other teams will receive new jerseys.

The floor is set to be finished by July 16, but will be closed for about a week before it is available to be used.

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