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Week of Welcome hosts 21 sports clubs

This year’s Week of Welcome was jam-packed with students, faculty and opportunities, including 21 of the over 40 sports clubs available to join at Long Beach State.

With students milling around and looking for something interesting to fill their time, the row with the sports clubs was bustling with excited faces.

“Any time there’s student outreach ability, we attempt to show up and introduce ourselves and let them know the possibilities,” Club Sports Coordinator Anthony Dunbar said. “And not everything is online, so visit Beach Sync that’s the portal.”

Some of the clubs representing themselves at the Week of Welcome were the archery team, women’s lacrosse team, surf team, co-ed tennis team and esports team.

With so many options available to students with a passion for sports but no way to pursue it before, the clubs want students to know who they are and what they’re about.

“We’re available at all the major recruiting events like smorgasport, Rec Fest, Week of Welcome,” ultimate frisbee club team captain Brandon Van Deusen said.

First-year aerospace engineering student Estevan Castellanos was excited to find a place for himself. He said he is looking forward to meeting people and the teamwork aspect of club sports.

“I talked to the rowing people, they seemed pretty cool,” he said.

More information about joining club sports can be found at

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