CSULB’s men’s and women’s basketball programs resume following COVID-19-related pause

Long Beach State’s men’s and women’s basketball programs have resumed operations following four false-positive coronavirus tests last Friday, athletic director Andy Fee said.

“In the world of COVID, things change so dramatically,” Fee said.

One men’s team member and three women’s team members tested positive for COVID-19 following an initial antigen test. The four players were then tested two subsequent times with a PCR test, both providing negative results.

Fee said the initial positive may have been due to a “bad batch” of tests.

Roger Kirk, director of athletic communications, said that it’s the program’s bye week so they have time to regroup before resuming play next weekend.

“Everything has been very fluid and both teams have worked really hard to be flexible, and so if there’s and opportunity that presents itself I think we’ll certainly examine it,” Kirk said.

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