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Long Beach State women’s soccer player responds to viral bicycle kick

From ESPN to ABC 7 News, Long Beach State senior forward Lena Silano has been seen all over highlight reels with her match-saving bicycle kick.

The goal happened during a match against the University of San Diego on Sunday, Aug. 28 which ended in a draw after the bicycle goal from Silano.

Silano gained recognition on ESPN, SportsCenter, ABC 7 News and Bleacher Report. Each organization’s social media page had posted about the shot only a couple minutes after it occurred.

Silano was shocked by the goal herself based on her facial expression in the videos posted on social media and news outlets.

“Of course, it was super awesome, but I am really kind of seeing it for the first time with all of the camera angles,” Silano said.

She said that during the shot she had blacked out in the moment and that she was in a flow state because of how crazy it was.

The clip has been getting recognition from professional athletes across the country like Kansas City Chief’s wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and Portland Timber’s defender Zac McGraw.

This was not the first time Silano had made a match-saving goal, as she had one last season against the University of California San Diego as well.

Silano recalled this moment by saying that she felt like this one was a little different because of the athleticism put on display and that muscle memory did not play a role in the shot.

“I think it was an instinct thing for me and it was super cool to be recognized for sure,” Silano said. “I have tried the bicycle kick in practice before, but it had never gone in.”

Regardless, Silano made the goal with an athletic play that led to a game-tying goal in order to avoid the loss for Long Beach State.

“I kept my eye on the ball, reached my foot up there and then instincts happened,” Silano said.

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