New student seating at Walter Pyramid called Sandpit

“Get Lit in the ‘Pit!” That’s the new slogan for the new designated student seating at the pyramid.

If you’ve gone to watch any recent sports games at Walter Pyramid, primarily women’s volleyball, you probably noticed a section filled with ecstatic fans.

These fans are sitting in the Sandpit, a section that is meant to be loud and supportive for the Beach.

Coordinated by fourth year student leaders, Valeria Arteaga and Lydia Marku, the Sandpit started up around summer 2022 and has been growing with the start of the women’s volleyball season.

Sandpit student leaders Valeria Arteaga (left) and Lydia Marku (right). Photo credit from @lbsu_sandpit on Instagram.
Sandpit student leaders Valeria Arteaga (left) and Lydia Marku (right). Photo credit: Long Beach Sandpit

“Lydia and I are both graduating after this year, so we wanted to bring a long lasting spirit to our sports games,” Arteaga said. “The goal is for everyone to come out and create an amazing atmosphere.”

The idea of a designated student seating section was brought to the school by Biggest Fan Consulting, a company focused on creating successful student sections.

They are also the ones that came up with calling the section the Sandpit, a nod to the school’s overall theme of the beach.

Arteaga and Marku have focused a lot of their attention on bringing awareness of the section through social media. They post pictures and updates of the Sandpit through the handle @lbsu_sandpit on Instagram.

Excited students rally from inside the Sandpit. Photo credit from @lbsu_sandpit on Instagram.
Excited students morally support Long Beach State players from inside the Sandpit. Photo credit: Long Beach Sandpit

The Sandpit itself is a foldable seating section that is folded down every live game at the pyramid. That means it’ll be open for not only the current women’s volleyball season, but also men and women’s basketball later in the year, as well as men’s volleyball next year.

Contrary to being called a designated student seating section, anyone is allowed to sit in the section. The goal was for it to bring more spirit to the Beach teams for their home games.

“Even if you aren’t a student, but just really really support the Beach, you can sit in the Sandpit,” Arteaga said. “Just come out to support our team and have a good time.”

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