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Bryce Kvick has zero regrets about being a part of The Beach

As president of the Student-Athletes Advisory Committee throughout his time at Long Beach State, men’s golf player Bryce Kvick worked to make an impact on his community.

A Sacramento native who has been playing golf since he was 8 years old, Kvick joined The Beach in the 2018-2019 season. As a freshman, Kvick played in six tournaments with an average score of 74.9 strokes in 18 holes.

Kvick would continue to play in his sophomore year in four tournaments improving his average to 72.83.

During the 2020-2021 season, Kvick had to redshirt due to hip surgery that kept him out for eight months. While a redshirt year is where an athlete takes a year off of competition, a medical redshirt prevents injured players from playing all season.

“I was really behind the ball in terms of, like my skill level of my swing because I hadn’t been able to do it for so long,” Kvick said. “Putting in extra hours, trying to still be competitive in the classroom and learn and continue to try to get good grades, it was definitely difficult.”

Since his freshman year, Kvick wanted to be a part of something big outside of golf and help fellow athletes build a connection with Associated Students, Inc. and the community of Long Beach.

He joined the Student Athletes Advisory Committee during his junior year and became president of the committee, working with the other 19 sports in serving the community.

Kvick remembers a lot of memorable moments during his time at LBSU, especially his freshman year when LBSU men’s volleyball faced Hawaii in the NCAA championship match at The Walter Pyramid, surrounded by other student-athletes celebrating the victory. Another event was the first tournament of his senior season, winning The Nick Watney Invitational at Fresno.

“[Accomplishing] something so incredible and being able to share that with other students and some other student-athletes that we were all kind of in there together is something I’ll never forget,” Kvick said.

When it came to practice or playing a tournament, Kvick would concentrate on the game itself. When it came time for his education, that would become his main focal point.

“Being able to be very present and focus on what’s in front of me was the biggest factor in being able to handle things well in the classroom and on the golf course,” Kvick said.

Kvick will be leaving Long Beach with a few degrees that he earned due to his redshirt year in business management, supply chain management and business finance.

“I’m leaning towards [supply chain] and so trying to find a place where I can still go and compete to be my best,” Kvick said. “I’m doing whatever I can to be on the professional side.”

While staying in California is Kvick’s plan, he is looking to explore all his opportunities to find a job within his degree.

“I had so many wonderful classmates, and I had so many wonderful peers in terms of student-athletes that I’m so grateful for my time,“ Kvick said. “I would choose this place 100 times out of 100 times if I can do it again.”

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