Standifer saves the off-season for training

Inches away from a championship, Long Beach State soccer’s sophomore goalkeeper Zora Standifer aims on enhancing her skillset during the off-season.

LBSU ended the 2022 regular season as the fourth-ranked team in the conference and made a run in the playoffs to reach the Big West championship game. The team went against sixth-ranked UC Irvine to decide who would be crowned Big West champions.

The game didn’t end in favor of The Beach, as they lost the championship game against the Anteaters 3-0.

Despite being a game away from winning the championship, Long Beach players will continue to train in order to get another opportunity to win hardware.

Heading into the offseason, LBSU goalkeeper Zora Standifer aimed to improve her ability after losing the championship game.

“My mentality was to be better than the previous season,” Standifer said. “I always train harder and harder as each season goes on. So every season is a harder season to change.”

As a student athlete, it’s difficult to balance school and academics during the season, but Standifer has been able to balance the two during her time on the team.

“I’m trying my best to focus on both and I’m pretty good at maintaining my grades, so I don’t fail or be [academically] ineligible,” Standifer said. “Not to try to be ineligible, but to have the grades as well. School is always my priority in the fall and spring.”

In order to maintain herself during the off-season, Standifer attends physical therapy to make sure she is 100% ready for training.

“I do rest. I get adjusted in my back just to make sure I’m loose and not stiff,” the goalkeeper said.

Long Beach State soccer is currently in spring training and the team has been practicing in harsh conditions due to a low-pressure storm hitting Southern California the past few days.

“I could train anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I could train enlightenment if [told to],” Standifer said. “But it’s another normal day. It’s just water. Nothing different.”

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