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LBSU officials address more Beachboard issues

The first week at Long Beach State saw an array of Beachboard malfunctions and crashes, but the university’s technology officials seemed to have finally found a solution to the problems. According to Shawna Dark, associate vice president of Academic Technology, the deleted Beachboard content was caused by user errors during[Read More…]

Beachboard crashes for hours, first day of Fall semester

Students and professors scrambled to access their classes and syllabi for the first few hours of fall semester as Beachboard experienced interruptions Monday. The site had inconsistent availability through campus networks by early evening. Since 11:45 a.m. Tuesday, Beachboard services are back up. According to the the office of Min[Read More…]

Beachboard switches LB logo to CSULB

Students logging onto Beachboard may have noticed a small change in the website’s interface last week. Academic technology services replaced the “LB” with “CSULB” logo in the top left corner of the website March 5, bolding the last two letters of the acronym, CSULB. The Long Beach State modified old-English[Read More…]

BeachBoard’s new look is a success

Ever since the new BeachBoard design came out, I’ve been keeping a shameful secret around the newsroom: I love the update. I like the brighter colors, the modern bubbly shapes of the classes and I love, and I do mean love, that little bell in the top right corner. I[Read More…]

For rent: or not

A laptop is undeniably one of the most important tools college students utilize in their day-to-day activities. From checking syllabi on BeachBoard to streaming Parks and Recreation in between study sessions, laptops have become almost a necessity for efficiently completing academic and professional tasks. One bleak finals season, I was[Read More…]

Topic of hate speech lingers back in ASI Senate

Hate speech became the recurring topic of contention during the Associated Students Inc. Senate meeting on Wednesday. In light of the racial slurs vandalised on a stall in the men’s bathroom and death threats made to La Raza Student Association, ASI senators have begun writing a reactionary resolution to address[Read More…]

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