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ASI senate passes resolution for CSULB to divest in Israel

The Associated Students, Inc. Senate passed in a (15,7,1) roll call vote a divestment resolution from companies that profit from Palestinian oppression. One side of the gallery restrained their cheers and jitters, while the other side donned dispirited, reddened faces as the ASI Senate tallied their votes. This resolution would[Read More…]

Student protesters demand that CSULB divest

Students gathered by the Prospector Pete statue on a hot Tuesday afternoon to debate and discuss the idea of Cal State Long Beach divesting from companies that profit from various forms of oppression in a “CSULB Divest” teach-in. The event was organized by a coalition consisting of the Muslim Student[Read More…]

CSULB president voices opposition to ASI resolution

President Jane Close Conoley on Tuesday emailed a letter to the Daily 49er and the Associated Students, Inc. Senate stating her opposition to an ASI resolution regarding Cal State Long Beach’s divestment in Israel. The resolution, called “Suggestions for Socially Responsible Investing: Companies Complacent in and Profiting from Palestinian Oppression,”[Read More…]

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