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CSULB students respond to commencement changes

Less than two weeks after Cal State Long Beach officials announced that the venue for the 2018 commencement would be moved and music removed, students organized a picketing event. A teary-eyed student projected her emotions into a megaphone Tuesday afternoon as eight fellow protesters stood beside her, displaying signs in[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor: Academic Senate and Commencement

Dear Daily 49er Editorial Board, Thank you for your excellent coverage of the ongoing controversy regarding the changes to  our CSULB commencement ceremonies. As chair of the Academic Senate, I am writing to let you know something you probably already realize: As you felt “a lack of communication between the[Read More…]

Student scalpers are getting a wake-up call

It’s commencement season and we all know what that means: students have been scavenging for extra tickets, trying to give the whole family a chance to see what is undoubtedly a remarkable accomplishment. These students are given eight tickets each. The school claims that to be the limit, but due[Read More…]

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