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CSU executive administrators receive pay increase

Cal State Board of Trustees created conflict among  students after their Sept. 19 meeting with the decision to raise executive administration pay within the Cal State University system. Michael Uhlenkamp, interim senior director of public affairs for Cal States, said that executive administrators, presidents and chancellors, received a pay raise[Read More…]

Eligible Students to be Guaranteed CSU Admission

As part of the 2017-18 budget deal, the California State University system is moving toward granting guaranteed admission to qualified in-state students. Qualified applicants are those who meet its admission requirements of a 3.0 GPA and a completion of “A-G” course requirements. The guarantee is a way to give eligible[Read More…]

Less hassle, more tassle with the Graduation Initiative 2025

Cal State Long Beach students should expect to see more sections of highly impacted classes, among other changes, thanks to programs and research conducted under the Graduation 2025 Initiative. In January 2015, the California State University system launched the initiative, aiming to increase graduation rates across the 23 campuses. Currently,[Read More…]

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