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Domestic violence and technology symposium dissects ‘power and control’

In the spirit of domestic violence awareness month, symposium “Behind the Screens: Domestic Violence and Technology” was held at the Anatol Center Wednesday and dissected the concept of “power and control.” The strategy combats the typical “perpetrator-survivor” analysis, in which the perpetrator and survivor are identified in a gender-based violence,[Read More…]

A safe space for domestic violence survivors and allies

As modern day smart devices are connected to the GPS tracking system for our daily convenience, privacy diminishes and the chance of domestic abuse occurring increases, according to a Social Science Plus Pilot research. To discuss how to counter these issues and more, the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will[Read More…]

Women’s shelter educates on domestic violence at CSULB

Domestic abuse can intimidate and immobilize victims, and students attending a recent forum in the University Student Union at Cal State Long Beach were privy to a plethora of techniques to regain and maintain an edge in the fight against domestic violence and abuse Thursday night. Self-defense training and resources[Read More…]

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