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Alpha Phi, though at member capacity, spent the day educating students on the sorority's five pillars that make up its foundation. 1/23

Greek Fair kicks off at CSULB

Large wooden letters lined the Speaker’s Platform walkway Wednesday as Cal State Long Beach fraternities and sororities set up shop for the Greek Fair. Their mission: to recruit students. While Rush Week, when fraternities and sororities recruit students to their respective chapters, will not be taking place until the week[Read More…]

The connection between Greek letters and elitism among students at CSULB 

Unless you’ve got a rich family lining your pockets with cash, chances are you’re stuck working a part-time job, just to buy the instant noodle soup you’re eating for dinner. What would the college experience be without a tight budget? Most students don’t have the luxury of splurging on a fraternity or sorority because tuition, fees and books cost the average full-time[Read More…]

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