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Kelly Chinchilla leads thousands in Bixby Park to chant with her, encouraging the crowd to vote for gun control in November.

March for Our Lives takes Long Beach

Long Beach joined the nation in the March for Our Lives event Saturday, as thousands gathered in Bixby Park to rally against gun violence. The national protest was inspired by the Parkland, Florida shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, one of many mass shootings over the last few years. The[Read More…]

The Constitution is long overdue for a revisit

Growing up in the U.S., we all learn about the Constitution and the 27 Amendments that make up the laws of our country. Many have caused controversy over the years, with the Second Amendment being the target of scrutiny as mass shootings become more prevalent across the nation. While wanting[Read More…]

Shootings are bigger than blaming the mentally ill

Several mass shootings have occurred lately. Most recently, 27 people were killed and 20 were injured at a church in Texas. President Donald Trump and gun ownership supporters argue that the shooting epidemic lies in people with mental illness, not the firearms themselves. Frequent gun violence occurs because society is[Read More…]

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