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CSULB president voices opposition to ASI resolution

President Jane Close Conoley on Tuesday emailed a letter to the Daily 49er and the Associated Students, Inc. Senate stating her opposition to an ASI resolution regarding Cal State Long Beach’s divestment in Israel. The resolution, called “Suggestions for Socially Responsible Investing: Companies Complacent in and Profiting from Palestinian Oppression,”[Read More…]

CSULB Academic Senate applauds new pay range agreement

California Faculty Association Long Beach chapter president Doug Domingo-Foraste announced to the Academic Senate on Thursday that the CFA worked out an agreement with the California State University Chancellor’s office to fix the range-elevation pay scale for lecturers. Lecturers are hired into a salary range: A, B, C or D,[Read More…]

CSULB hosts a Young Women’s Empowerment conference

University President Jane Close-Conoley asked how many in an audience of about 150 female high school students want to go to college, and every student in the room raised her hand. “That decision opens doors,” Conoley told the audience. 60 percent of women in the United States earn college degrees[Read More…]

CSULB hosts Charlie Hebdo panel

Two gunmen burst into the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. They targeted journalists and cartoonists who had published material that the assailants felt offended the Muslim prophet Mohammed. “France, its values, its citizens were attacked,” Axel Cruau, the consul general of France in Los Angeles, said, addressing a[Read More…]

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