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ASI continues voting outreach campaigns and elects new senators

The Associated Students Inc. Senate reviewed student applicants and voted on institutionalizing voter registration at Long Beach State. Senator-at-large Omar Prudencio Gonzalez declared the biomedical engineering department made progress receiving grants to continue their work in developing biomechanical limbs and continuing student research. The League of Women Voters requested the[Read More…]

CSU executive administrators receive pay increase

Cal State Board of Trustees created conflict among  students after their Sept. 19 meeting with the decision to raise executive administration pay within the Cal State University system. Michael Uhlenkamp, interim senior director of public affairs for Cal States, said that executive administrators, presidents and chancellors, received a pay raise[Read More…]

CSULB ASI Senate tables agenda

The Associated Students Inc. is considering a resolution to ask California State University, Long Beach to end relationships with organizations that have been known to discriminate against the LGBT community. The idea behind the resolution arose when The Campus Pride, a national non-profit organization, informed Sen. Kelsey Reyes that CSULB’s[Read More…]

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