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California colleges grow marijuana degrees

Possession of marijuana at Long Beach State remains illegal, but multiple universities across the U.S. have begun offering courses and degrees in marijuana sales and growth.
University of California, Los Angeles currently offers a research program in cannabis. According to its website, The UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative is one of the first academic programs in the world dedicated to the study of cannabis.

District 5 Candidates

Incumbent: Stacy Mungo Councilwoman Stacy Mungo was elected to District 5 in 2014. She is a strong supporter of retaining the “neighborhood character” of low-density areas by strategically planning the construction and locations of apartment buildings and neighborhoods. Transparency Mungo stated that one of the biggest hurdles when she was[Read More…]

Even with California’s recently legalization of recreational marijuana, students still face serious consequences for possessing the Schedule I drug.

CSULB to remain weed free

Stoners rejoice; recreational cannabis is now legal in California. However, students will still have to leave campus for their lawful toke.   The Spring 2018 semester began just after the state legalization of recreational marijuana Jan. 1, and Cal State Long Beach attendees may be wondering what legal ramifications remain[Read More…]

Top 4 Stories for Feb. 28

Cal State Long Beach is one of the Top 10 Worst Colleges for Freedom of Speech, Nokia’s bringing back the classic 3310 Model and Dirtbags play tonight at 6pm at Blair Stadium.

Los Angeles to vote on marijuana regulation

For Los Angeles voters, the question is not whether or not to regulate marijuana, but how. On March 7, L. A. County voters will have two measures on the ballot to choose from – technically. Measures M and N, which come months after Proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana statewide last[Read More…]

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