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S4E4 | BEACH WEEKLY | On-campus medical abortions

In this episode of Beach Weekly, host Aubrey Balster gives the lowdown of upcoming campus events and sits with Daily Forty-Niner News Editor Madalyn Amato to discuss Senate Bill 24, which will require all CSU campuses to provide on-campus medical abortions by 2023. Sports analyst Manuel Valladares gives an update on the latest in Beach athletics, including a look at the LBSU men’s basketball team and its recent struggles.

New program introduces off-campus parking

With only 14,000 parking spaces available for employees, visitors and over 37,000 students attending California State University, Long Beach, parking is a problem many drivers face. But a new program has been implemented to give students another option for parking. Students received an email on June 26 from Parking and[Read More…]

Parking still a struggle for CSULB students

With over 103,000 applicants, Cal State Long Beach takes in more and more students each semester, causing parking to become an increasingly difficult feat for some commuters to pull off. Students are often seen driving around in circles, trying to find one out of 10,571 student parking spaces that exist[Read More…]

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