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New semester, same parking woes

As another semester begins at Long Beach State, many students still find themselves in the same struggle with parking. Spring semester parking has become increasingly impacted. There are 14,090 parking spots on campus and 20,000 permits are sold a year, according to Robyn Ames-Woodyard, director of operations, finance management at[Read More…]

College students ride along with Uber

When you don’t have your own car, use someone else’s — Uber has been my saving grace for getting to and from campus in a timely manner. Parking passes at Long Beach State are $140 per semester and $80 in the summer, according to the Parking and Transportation Services. The[Read More…]

New program introduces off-campus parking

With only 14,000 parking spaces available for employees, visitors and over 37,000 students attending California State University, Long Beach, parking is a problem many drivers face. But a new program has been implemented to give students another option for parking. Students received an email on June 26 from Parking and[Read More…]

Your car could be at risk of auto theft

Cal State Long Beach students may need to look into taking the bus as car burglaries in the parking lots are becoming more common. An increase in auto burglaries has caught the attention of the University Police Department. According to Lt. Richard Goodwin, there were about half a dozen burglaries[Read More…]

Faculty flustered over new parking permit system

Unanticipated citations due to the new license plate recognition system implemented on campus this semester are frustrating numerous faculty over time spent contesting the parking violations. In an email sent out to campus faculty, Elizabeth Dahab, a comparative world literature and classics professor at Cal State Long Beach, described her[Read More…]

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