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Long Beach Airport to receive improvements

It was yet another light agenda for the Long Beach City Council as Tuesday’s meeting lasted a little over an hour and saw all agenda items approved by present councilmembers. The council, sans district one representative Lena Gonzalez, unanimously voted to grant a contract to Swinerton Builders, a construction company[Read More…]

Mayoral candidates

Incumbent: Robert Garcia Garcia is the first openly gay mayor to be elected in Long Beach, taking 52 percent of the vote in 2014 against Damon Dunn. The former Republican and graduate of Cal State Long Beach became a member of the Democratic Party in 2004. He is running against[Read More…]

District 5 Candidates

Incumbent: Stacy Mungo Councilwoman Stacy Mungo was elected to District 5 in 2014. She is a strong supporter of retaining the “neighborhood character” of low-density areas by strategically planning the construction and locations of apartment buildings and neighborhoods. Transparency Mungo stated that one of the biggest hurdles when she was[Read More…]

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