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Got milk?

A gender-neutral restroom and lactation station opened in the University Student Union on the first floor between the KBeach radio station and the Beach Auditorium over winter break. The University Student Union Board of Trustees approved the project after BOT Chair Vanessa Mendoza brought the need for these facilities in[Read More…]

CSULB organization SQE fights fees

Students For Quality Education said it is against all student fees and plans to give presentations to various classes explaining why club members are against fee increases. “Student fees are detrimental and if students have to come up with this money that could be someone’s rent or pay for one[Read More…]

University Student Union fee increase unneccessary

A 15-pound ball falls with an echoing boom and rolls down the lane, followed by the hollow crash of the pins as they scatter. What better way to release a little academic stress than a bowling game between classes at the University Student Union? According to a survey administered by the USU Board of Trustees and the[Read More…]

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