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Valentine’s Day is a capitalist’s paradise

Valentine’s Day is the greatest thing to ever happen to America. The stuffed, life-size pandas that you have no chance of fitting through your front door, the immaculate, look-alike ice sculptures that keep their shape for an entire eight minutes before melting and the overpriced 54 course meals are just[Read More…]

Ready or Not, here comes Valentine’s Day!

Attention everyone, prepare your eyes to be overwhelmed with Instagram posts of couples “in love” and floral arrangements; it’s Valentine’s Day. As everyone around you prepares a special gift for their significant other, you might be thinking, what’s the point of Valentine’s Day anyway? Well trust me, you are not[Read More…]

BDSM hits the mainstream even harder

In lieu of its hues of red and pink, lovers and singles alike may be enticed to paint this year’s Valentine’s Day with 50 Shades of Grey. The film, an adaptation of E.L. James’ explosive novel, is expected to gross at least $60 million during the four-day opening weekend, according[Read More…]

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