Letter to the editor – ‘Coming Out’ story hits mark

I am writing to express my appreciation for Managing Editor Lauren Williams’ article, “LGBT Community Celebrates National Coming Out Week” in the Oct. 10 Daily Forty-Niner.

Her coverage of the “Coming Out of the Closet” panel presentation was thoroughly researched, well-written, and sensitive to the complexity within LGBT communities.

Williams clearly highlighted the tension and overlap between different aspects of identity, such as sexual orientation, religious beliefs, racial and cultural norms, and gender identity. Her use of direct quotations by Dr. Vianey Ramirez and Jasmyne Cannick illustrated these complicated issues particularly well.

We really appreciated her taking the time to cover this story and share this information with the larger campus community.

– Dr. Kirstyn Yuk Sim Chun,LGBT Resource CenterFaculty Co-Adviser

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