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We’re hiring

We’re hiring for all positions! Applications are due by Friday July 23 at 5 pm. Link to apply below:

Read more about each position here!

Managing Editor

Summary: Managing editor is seen as an extension of the Editor-in-Chief. They will help manage the editorial team and writers. They are seen as a helping hand for the team.


  • Manages editors and producers
  • Enforces deadlines
  • Sends out notes of meetings for those who could not attend
  • Can publish content online when online publisher cannot
  • Can post on social media when social media editor cannot

Multimedia Managing Editor

Summary: Multimedia Managing Editor is very knowledgeable in everything multimedia, including video, photo, and podcasting. They enforce deadlines and make sure ads are included in podcasts and videos.


  • Communicate with all teams, including video, photo, and podcast, to keep track of upcoming multimedia stories
  • Works closely with all teams to brainstorm ideas for creative visual and audio content
  • Plans when content is coming out and communicates that to the EIC and managing editor

Community Engagement Manager

Summary: Works with members of the community to ensure that all voices are heard and represented in the publication. Establish relationships with community members to share knowledge of media literacy alongside, the media’s role on campus and in society.


  • Makes connections with communities that may lead to potential story coverage and community board
  • The community board will include clubs and organizations on campus that can read and discuss coverage and give feedback
  • The board will also help with transparency and potential story ideas
  • Coordinates with social media team to help promote community events
  • Must be willing to potentially tackle difficult or controversial issues.

Online Publisher

Summary: The online publishers will coordinate with copy editors to publish finished content.


  • Looks over what is being published to check if the content is appropriate
  • Works with managing editor to project manage content to make sure it is in on time
  • Adds graphics, widgeetes and other appropriate visuals
  • Pins most recent story to homepage
  • Is versed in SEO

Copy Editors

Summary: The copy editor position is responsible for being the last line of defense for edits. They will conduct edits after the desk editor makes their edits. They will edit all content that comes in alongside the weekly print.


  • Look for accuracy, good word choice and smooth flow of each story
  • Review and edit stories for each section after they are approved by the desk editor
  • Looks over the print page PDFs before they go out for publication
  • Offers line edits, paragraph rearrangements and flow suggestions for writers
  • Must have a flexible schedule, but physically not required to be in the newsroom.
  • Must fact check and be knowledgeable on AP style

Arts, Culture and Entertainment Editor

Summary: The section covers events and stories related to the arts including theatre, dance, music and fine arts. Helps generate news stories in the arts and profiles relating to culture, arts or other topics of interest to students such as movies, games and film reviews.


  • Develop story ideas for the section and organize into a calendar
  • Edit stories that come in for the section
  • Pitch arts and life stories
  • Works with Jour 310 and 420 classes on coverage
  • Section must produce at least 4-6 pieces of content a week

News Editor

Summary: Coordinates, oversees and edits production of campus and city news.


  • Develop story ideas for the section and organize into a calendar
  • Edit stories that come in for the section
  • Pitch campus and city news stories
  • Works with Jour 310 and 420 classes
  • Must produce at least 4-6 pieces of content a week

Sports Editor

Summary: This section covers all sports on campus such as games, game previews, columns, athlete and coach features.


  • Organize and schedule game stories with sports beat reporters to ensure coverage of all home games
  • Maintain a relationship with the athletic director to gain credentials, interviews, etc.
  • Cover/coordinate breaking news on LBSU sports beat
  • Work with photography staff to ensure photographs for home games and contact athletic director for press credentials for away games
  • Give head social media editor and podcast editor sports updates
  • Must be able to pitch sports stories
  • Works with Jour 310 and 420 classes for content
  • Must produce at least 4-6 pieces of content a week

Opinions Editor

Summary: This section consists of writing, assigning and editing Op-Eds as well as fielding and answering letters to the editor, which are received from the community. Must be able to field and work with writers with opinions that differ from your own.


  • Develop story ideas for the section and organize stories into a calendar
  • Reach out to reporters in the Jour 310 for Op-Ed pitches
  • Edit stories that come in for the section
  • Must produce at least 4-6 pieces of content a week.

Special Projects Coordinator

Summary: This position oversees the production of special issues. The work for these projects will be longer-term and/or more in-depth, requiring more reporting and planning than the regular content. They are responsible for working with design, social media, multimedia and copy editors to make sure special issues are published well across all platforms.


  • Think of special issues/section ideas then source for writers
  • Organize a team for photographs, videos and stories for the issues
  • Brainstorm with design and photo team for visuals
  • When the newspaper is not producing a special project, the editor may be asked to assist other editors in the publication with copy, content or production
  • Must produce 8-10 articles for each special issue

Social Media Editor

Summary: Coordinates with desk editors and checks on Camayak for online content. Decides which content is appropriate for each social media channel. Brainstorms ideas for content and promotion.


  • Oversees Daily Forty-Niner content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Works closely with business team, multimedia team and design team for ads
  • Makes canva covers for stories
  • Must be able to post breaking news

Podcast Editor

Summary: Will manage, organize and edit podcast for online website. Will also post podcast on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple.


  • Will edit podcast
  • Collaborates with Beach Weekly host to write script on upcoming episodes
  • Plan for upcoming episodes or potential series
  • Makes sure advertised content is included on podcasts

Podcast Host

Summary: In charge of hosting Beach Weekly. Will work closely with the podcast editor about the editing, special guests, script and brainstorming for each segment.


  • Will help write the script for Beach Weekly while keeping in mind advertised content
  • Will interview weekly guests
  • Collaborates with podcast editor to create ideas and edits for script

Photo Editor

Summary: The photo editor will edit, select and approve photos attached to relevant content for print and online publication. Will also be responsible for managing and delegating photo teams for content.


  • Works with 310 and those who contribute to the paper
  • Take creative and compelling photos for upcoming stories if the writer doesn’t have one
  • Will collaborate with photo assistant on front page photo for print, also known as the Center of Visual Impact (CVI)
  • Will edit captions for print and digital content
  • Will work with photo assistant to have a collection of “BREAKING NEWS” photos (10-15 photos) and work on changing up the collection every month

Video Editor

Summary: Oversees the production of video content for the website and YouTube page. They will also plan videos to compliment written content as well as stand alone videos.


  • This person will collaborate with other sections for video content
  • Think of creative ways to visually tell a story through video
  • Collaborate with social media team for possible teasers
  • Will be responsible for adding captions to the YouTube channel website as well as for social media teasers/videos so we are accessible

For any questions email [email protected]

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