CSULB students are totally into art now. What’s the deal?

It’s Arts Month in Long Beach, but many students at CSULB are actually about that art life. Especially now that the First Street Transit Gallery in Downtown Long Beach is featuring works from CSULB artists.

Visit the Gallery located on Pine Ave. between 1st St. and Long Beach Blvd. to see photographs that express a diversity of experiences, with themes exploring the relationship between people and place.

Each work shouts out the artist behind the piece, giving space for creators to tell the story that inspired them in their own words. For a look at this collection, plus other works on display at the First Street Transit Gallery, visit ridelbt.com/art.

The best part: unlike an expensive museum or exclusive, underground art warehouse, it’s super easy and affordable to check out the Gallery via bus. Get your Go Beach! Pass from Long Beach Transit for just $40/month for unlimited bus rides anywhere LBT goes, which is (spoiler alert) everywhere.

Purchase your 30-day or 150-day pass and activate it by using it for your first ride. Visit ridelbt.com/students and find the CSULB section. Then follow the link to get your one-time promo code you’ll need to get your pass.

After that, either use your phone to download the TAP LA mobile app and select the CSULB Go Beach! 150-day or 30-day pass, or go IRL to CSULB’s Office of Parking and Transportation Services to pick up your physical TAP Card.

If you have a physical card, you’ll need to visit the TAP website to create an account and add your promo code. If you’ve got the app, just enter that promo code and you’ll be ready to roll.

Full step-by-step instructions can be found at ridelbt.com/students if our little cheat sheet wasn’t enough. Since you’re a student of culture, we know you’ll be able to follow along no problem.

Support artists that are so local you’ve probably passed them on campus before. Check out the CSULB photography exhibition using your Go Beach! Pass from Long Beach Transit