Conserving Water is A Way of Life

Long Beach is a great example of how a community can transform beautifully with water-wise lifestyles. In Long Beach, we don’t have to know the weather to know whether or not to save water. It’s just what we do here. 

With an average residential water use of fewer than 63 gallons per person per day, Long Beach is a leader in water use efficiency. We use the same amount of water now as we did in the 1960s – that’s despite a 40 percent increase in our population.  

Southern California, as a whole, and Long Beach Water are prepared for this year’s dry conditions thanks to sound planning and major investments by the region. However, our community still has to continue to be diligent about saving as much water as we can. Every drop of water saved is one drop of water we don’t need to take out of emergency storage. 

Long Beach Water is continuously working to develop innovative and equitable water use efficiency programs and outreach campaigns to help our residents and businesses save water. 

Feeling hungry? The Certified Blue Restaurant program rewards local restaurants for installing water-saving devices by featuring them on social media and promoting them through annual pub crawl style events. Browse over 70 Certified Blue Restaurants in Long Beach at 

Fall is the perfect time to kill your lawn. The wildly popular Lawn-To-Garden program can help make your landscape water efficient, while providing multiple benefits for the environment including capturing stormwater, reducing runoff and developing habitat for birds and butterflies. To date, more than 3.6 million square feet of water-guzzling turf have been replaced with beautiful, water-wise landscapes. Learn how you can convert the thirsty turf at your home by visiting We also offer water-wise landscape conversions free of charge to certain low-income residents through our Direct Install Gardens (DIG) program. 

With newly installed smart water meters across the city, Long Beach Water is giving customers new tools to help them monitor their water usage more efficiently and proactively. Account holders can access their free, online WaterSmart Customer Portal by visiting 

Excellence is the standard for all of Long Beach Water’s services: water, wastewater and customer engagement. We believe how we interact with our community is as important as the quality of water and wastewater services we provide. 

No matter your needs, Long Beach Water can help you do your part to join the water-wise lifestyle. Get water-saving tips and learn about more programs and incentives at 



As a recognized leader in water conservation and innovation, the Long Beach Water Department contributes to creating a sustainable community, develops collaborative partnerships, and fosters a quality workforce. To learn more visit Follow us on social media on Facebook and Instagram @lbwater and on Twitter @LongBeachWater. 

Direct Install Gardens (DIG) program (