Circus spectacles brought to life

Growing up in South Korea, Juyeon Yang lived in a society that she believed devalued women. She recalled the times when her grandfather wouldn't allow her to do certain things as a child; she wasn’t able to attend art galleries while her brother could, because male education was often valued more. Now, as a senior majoring in art education at Long Beach State, Yang has her own artwork on display. Yang’s work hangs in an exhibit titled, “Let’s Represent” at the School of Art galleries. The gallery features artwork from a broad spectrum that explores different cultures and identities through personal experiences. Living in South Korea and New Zealand for multiple years prior to residing in the U.S. for college, Yang had multiple cultural experiences that have influenced her perception of the world. But for Yang, her experience of living in South Korea and witnessing how women were valued less than men inspired the context for much of her artwork. She decided to take her experience one step further by focusing specifically on Asian circuses — a profession that women were not allowed to work in. To find her circus-themed inspiration, Yang browsed images online of old Korean circuses and

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