Meet the Staff

Ashley Ramos
Editor in Chief

Ashley goes by she/they pronouns and oversees the entire production of the publication. She once saw Roger Waters perform “Money” and her life has been changed since then. Her end goal is to own land and make art.
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Eunice Barron
Online Publisher

Eunice goes by she/her pronouns and publishes all of the content for the website. Her childhood dream was to be a Mexican soap opera actress and she is obsessed with reading about royal families across the globe.
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Lauren Ramirez
News Editor

Lauren goes by she/her pronouns and runs the News desk for the publication. One of her favorite experiences was photographing indie pop singer-songwriter, Caroline Polachek, at the Greek Theatre for the publication B-Sides TV.
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Christal Gaines-Emory
Arts and Life Editor

Christal goes by she/her pronouns and runs the Arts and Life desk for the publication. Her artistic talents include pottery and floral design. She loves consuming all forms of art and is unusually good at winning at the claw machines.
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Thomas Murray
Sports Editor

Thomas goes by he/him pronouns and runs the Sports desk for the publication. He enjoys playing guitar and his favorite band of all-time is Blink 182. He owns a dachshund named Princess who says is the “bee’s knees.”
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Hikaru Tamashiro
Social Media Editor

Hikaru goes by she/her pronouns and coordinates the social media for the publication. She can be seen in the background of a Netflix show that covered the restaurant she used to work at. She is also an ordained minister but only in California.
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Reyn Ou
Video Editor

Reyn goes by they/them pronouns and works behind the scenes in editing the videos we publish. In high school they were obsessed with the “Matrix” and learned the bullet time stunt and ceaselessly won 2nd place in a limbo contest.
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Cindy Aguilera
Podcast Assistant

Cindy goes by she/her pronouns and assists the podcast team. She loves traveling, writing and going anywhere with loud live music. Her favorite foods are pizza, nachos and anything covered in melted cheese.
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Kevin Caparoso
Community Engagement Manager

Kevin goes by he/him pronouns and works in building the publication’s relationships with the communities they serve. He loves the melodic sounds of dream-pop and his favorite concert experience was seeing Beach House at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.
[email protected]

Ismael Morales
Managing Editor

Ismael goes by he/him pronouns and manages all of the desk editors and teams. He is very passionate about his social network, meeting new people and loves making meaningful connections. He is proud to be born and raised in San Francisco.
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Nicholas James
News Editor

Nick goes by he/him pronouns and works on the News desk with Lauren. He has been on TV three times and claims to have met over 20 celebrities but barely remembers half of them. He owns 25 Funko Pops, one bobble head and eight statues.
[email protected]

Christina Merino
Arts and Life  Intern

Christina goes by she/her pronouns and assists the editor on the Arts & Life desk. She started taking dance classes when she was 2-years-old and was on the dance team in high school. Sam Smith liked one of her tweets once and she cried happily.
[email protected]

Matthew Brown
Sports Editor Intern

Matthew goes by he/him pronouns and assists the editor on the Sports desk. He used to love going to TV show tapings and has been an audience member for “American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent,” “Little Big Shot” and “The Voice.”
[email protected]

Krystal Ordonez
Social Media Assistant

Krystal goes by she/her pronouns and helps the social team by designing posts. Her favorite pastimes include napping with her dog Jake and watching Studio Ghibli movies. She unfortunately likes pineapple on pizza and on teriyaki burgers.
[email protected]

Erik Zamora
Video Editor Inter

Erik goes by he/him pronouns and is the assistant to Reyn, our video editor. He is currently obsessed with bands from the 2010s which include Grouplove and M83. He states Minecraft “is and will always be the greatest game of all time.”
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Barbara Kingsley-Wilson
Content Adviser

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Jennifer Newton, Advertising & Business Adviser

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Fernando Haro
Copy Editor

Fernando goes by he/him pronouns and copy edits all the stories that are published. He is currently watching “The Wire” and wants to give a shout out to Michael K. Williams. His favorite food is anything with rice.
[email protected]

Leila Nunez
Multimedia Managing Editor

Leila goes by she/her pronouns and manages the publication’s multimedia teams which include photo, video, podcast, design and social. Her favorite movie is “Pride and Prejudice” and she is terrified of butterflies.
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Gisselle Palomera
Opinions Editor

Gisselle goes by they/she pronouns and runs the Opinions desk for the publication. One time they got stuck on an elevator during a storm on Thanksgiving. The help button didn’t work and firefighters were called in to rescue them.
[email protected]

Lillian Li
Special Projects Coordinator

Lillian goes by she/they pronouns and is in charge of the special issue newspapers the publication produces. She enjoys listening to The 1975, playing video games and doesn’t think there is anything cooler than women with swords.
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Gisele Robinett
Graphic Design Editor

Gisele goes by she/her pronouns and designs all the pages for the publication’s print and digital issues. Lately, she has been listening to a lot of hyperpop especially Charli XCX and takes her cat, Milo, on walks at her backyard on a leash.
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Jason Coronel
Public Relations Assistant

Jason goes by he/him pronouns and coordinates the publication’s PR. He is also part of the social team. He has a photobook filled with pictures taken with disposable cameras and loves to read comic books / manga. His favorite artist is Alex Ross.
[email protected]

Jeremy Taylor
Podcast Editor

Jeremy goes by he/him pronouns and runs the podcast team. He loves breakfast during any time of the day and his favorite musicians are Prince, The Black Keys, Phil Collins and anything produced by Dr. Dre.
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Gary Metzker
Design Adviser

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