22 West Media dominates CSU Media Arts Festival and escalator issues revisited

New genderless bathroom in progress and discounted faculty gym membership becomes official Maritess Inieto, University Student Union Board of Trustees chair, said that construction was underway on a new genderless, multi-stall bathroom in the USU. At the Associated Students Inc. Senate meeting Wednesday, she said that the  stall is set to be finished by Jan. 21. The Lunch Express Membership, a pilot gym membership that allowed faculty and staff to use the Student Recreation and Wellness Center at a discounted rate from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., has now become a permanent membership, Inieto said. Explanation provided for delayed escalator repair ASI Executive Director Richard Haller said that the reason the USU escalator wasn’t working was due to water damage on a controller. The controller, which is used to change the direction of the escalator’s travel, needs to be replaced, Haller said. He also pointed out that they were two weeks past their initial time frame for repairing the escalator. 22 West Media dominates the CSU Media Arts Festival Haller announced that, out of eight categories, Long Beach State took six first prize awards at the California State University Media Arts Festival. The competition included all 23 CSU campuses. LBSU’s

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What goes up but never comes down? The USU escalators

Although it’s been inoperable since the beginning of the semester, the University Student Union escalators have undergone repairs that were projected to be complete by early October. It’s unknown at this time when repairs will be complete. According to James Ahumada, the Associated Students Inc. senior communications manager, the current repairs are to replace the steps and install new step chains and handrails for both the upward and downward escalators. Over the summer, the USU maintenance team determined the escalator steps were aging and in need of replacement as the step chains and handrails were last replaced 12 years ago. Ahumada said the total cost for the replacements is $416,000. With midterms quickly approaching, student sentiments are increasingly dissatisfied with yet another inconvenience and ASI’s response. These improvements are the latest in a long list of stops and starts on the USU escalators. Marina Makar, junior psychology major, noted the university’s delay in addressing the broken facility. “If the escalators are broken, why do we still have them? It makes the campus look inefficient,” Makar said. “They break because the school doesn’t want to put an effort into fixing it.” According to ASI President Genesis Jara, the repairs have taken

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ASI senators discuss Beach Pantry partnerships, child safety and a new escalator

Whether students worry about feeding family members at home, maintaining the safety of their children on campus or something as simple as retaining their ability to use an escalator, all topics were fair game at Wednesday’s meeting of the Associated Students Inc. Senate. Students who hate stairs are in for a treat this coming September The 20-year-old escalator in the University Student Union, with a downward stairway that has been out of order since the first day of school, is set for a multi-part replacement and upgrade in late September. Last year’s ASI set aside roughly half a million dollars to replace all of the steps, chains and pulleys within the escalator, according to ASI Executive Director, Richard Haller. After its last breakdown, it was decided that the escalator posed a safety hazard, which is why only the up escalator is working. “We decided to shut down the down escalator,” Haller said. “We communicated that to the university and to Disabled Student Services.” Graduate enrollment falls short This year, local graduate student enrollment dropped for the first time in 10 to 15 years across many disciplines, according to Associate Vice President of Student Life and Development, Jeff Klaus. “It was

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