The university launches two-day Imagine Beach 2030 online event

Posts varying from discourse over the introduction of an e-sports association to the appointment of a giraffe as the new mascot with the hashtag #LongBeachLongNecks filled the feed of users engaged with the Imagine Beach 2030 online event Wednesday. Through Imagine Beach 2030, students, faculty and community members all over campus sat at computers, sharing and exploring different ideas for what they want Long Beach State to look like in 2030. Partnering with Institute for the Future, a company that helps organizations plan for the future, LBSU launched Imagine Beach 2030, a two-day online event that garnered input from the city and campus community. Over 12,480 posts and responses had been made by 2,344 people as of 9 p.m. Wednesday night. The two-day event is the first phase in a two-year “futures thinking” project called Beach 2030 Vision Map and Strategic Plan. Participants receive “points” for responding and posting on the dashboard. They can also “add a signal” to posts, which are links to articles or videos that relate to the content of the post. Popular posts appear on the dashboard in categories like “Everyone’s Talking About…,” “Super-Interesting Cards,” “Most Wanted Futures” and “Most Uncertain Futures,” among others. Students contribute

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LBSU looks to ‘greener’ practices with new sustainability commission

With the new Imagine Beach 2030 initiative commencing in less than a month, university officials are looking at ways to increase sustainable usage on campus, one way being the creation of the Presidential Commission on Sustainability on Sept. 28. The commission’s role will be to help evaluate new technology or approaches that might enhance climate resilience, work with faculty to integrate issues of sustainability into classes, mount public information campaigns and sponsor events that showcase current and future sustainability measures, according to President Jane Close Conoley. Wetlands plant ecology professor Christine Whitcraft said this commission will serve as an opportunity to elevate the profile of sustainability on campus. It will provide leadership for other programs on campus and will not replace the organizations that promote sustainability, such as Environmental Science & Policy club, Sustain U among others.   The first interim meeting was on Oct. 24 to figure out the details and logistics of the commission. Before the Sustainability Commission was created, there was the Sustainability Task Force which had its first meeting in April 2011 and its final meeting in March 2017. They were dedicated to helping the university identify and adopt sustainable practices in university and auxiliary operations,

A royal flush among campus restrooms

In the first floor of the University Student Union, scores of students in the Art Gallery and Study Lounge sit quietly while scrolling through their phones, sleeping or doing homework. One dry wall adjacent to the lounge, the men’s restroom harvests swaths of schoolboys sitting just one stall away from another as they conduct a symphony of unfettered grunts and splashes of stress fluids and excretions. Whether or not for its unintentional live music, degree of cleanliness or its accessibility, the students of Long Beach State have claimed this restroom as the best on campus in a recent Daily 49er ballot polling votes from hundreds of campus members. In the men’s restrooms’ nine stalls, each is equipped with a chalkboard for students to write uplifting messages or draw obscene pictures to pass the time between flush and wipe. Four chalkboards are also located outside of the 10 urinals. The women’s restroom is directly to the left of the men’s room and contains nine stalls with chalkboards. Dispensers with tampons and pads are also available for bathroom users. A one-stall gender neutral restroom is located between the Beach Auditorium and 22 West Media and contains both tampons and condom dispensers. The

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