La Bestia carries immigrant refugees, not criminals, to the United States

People flee from countries where their lives are in mortal peril and where they and their families are starving; in the U.S., people have pounds to spare. Half a million Central Americans cross Mexico aboard “La Bestia,” or The Beast, a network of cargo freight trains en route to the United States every year, according to the Migration Policy Institute in a September 2014 report. There are no passenger trains heading north, and it costs the equivalent of $10,000 to pay a smuggler and risk taking a bus. Yet the Mexican and American governments urge the train companies to speed up their cars, making it more dangerous for people to get on. “Migrants travel on top of the train with nothing to hold on to,” the MPI report said. “Accidents caused by train derailments and falls because of changes in speed, or migrants falling asleep are common and have resulted in countless injuries, amputations, and sometimes death.” Additionally, more checkpoints have been established in areas popular among immigrants as jump on points. Border control has been raiding nearby hotels and makeshift refugee camps that often provide the temporarily homeless migrants with food, shelter and medical care. On top of that,

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