A personal perspective on the New Zealand attacks

At Friday prayer, I feel protected, I feel calmed by the silence of prayer, but above all I feel at peace. However, when I attended Friday prayer last week, the tranquility I typically experience during prayer was replaced by grief, anger and fear.

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CSULB students discuss restoring a ‘divided’ nation

“Attack ideas, not people” was a common expression reiterated by organizers of Monday night’s “Speak Your Peace” event hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Students entered the University Student Union ballrooms at Cal State Long Beach around 5 p.m., where they were provided with food and refreshments before diving into discussions about Islamophobia, immigration, transphobia and activism. The attendees were engrossed in roundtable conversations, which were each led by a topic facilitator. Staff members were also in attendance, including communication studies professor James Sauceda and director of the University Art Museum, Kimberli Meyer. This was the second “Speak Your Peace” event hosted by OMA in association with Beach Pride and the Student Orientation, Advising and Registration department, according to the Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs, Jon Higgins. “The theme, which is ‘A Nation Divided: Conversation on Restoration,’ is about how can we, as a campus, respond conducively [sic] to a lot of the issues we’re seeing happening around us,” Higgins said. Each roundtable set up in the ballrooms had a number, which was related to a specific topic, such as “Beyond the Women’s March,” “The Fear of Islam,” and “Build the Wall… ?” “It sounded really cool. I’m interested

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Muslim Student Association hands out hijabs

The Muslim Students Association was giving out free hijab headscarves at a booth near the Merchant’s Row thoroughfare between the campus bookstore and the Psychology building Tuesday. By the end of the event, over 100 people had attended and most of the hijabs had been handed out by the members of the MSA. The giveaway was part of the “Islam Awareness Week”, an annual event hosted by MSA. This year’s theme was a “Hijabi Challenge” where the student religious organization challenges non-Muslim female students to wear a hijab for an entire day.   “Maybe 110 people have taken up the challenge and we ran out of stickers,” said Hajer Rawag, the senior biology major that set up the event for the MSA. “It’s been my favorite Hijab Day by far.” The local event is very similar to the larger World Hijab Day, normally celebrated by Islamic women on Feb. 1. As with the national event, the goal of the Hijabi Challenge was to let non-Muslim women experience what it is like to walk in their shoes and counter Islamophobia, according to Shaikh. “By participating, it allows women to walk in the shoes of a hijabi,” Shaikh said. “Women who try

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