If looks could kill, Netflix would make a show about it

Oh my gosh he’s so cute, I’d let him kidnap and murder me! Not. The Netflix show “You” romanticizing psychopaths and making them look like the perfect boyfriend makes me uncomfortable. I feel like it’s a pretty gross and irresponsible message to be sending people. Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I see girls tweeting about how cute the main character Joe (Penn Badgley) is, while completely overlooking the fact that he’s a literal murderer. It’s not like that fact is a small or glossed-over part of the show, it’s actually the main plot, so why is everybody choosing to ignore it? Robert Hare, the scientist who invented the Psychopathy Checklist, said about 1 percent of the world, approximately 7.5 billion people, are psychopaths. “You” shows that they can be just about anybody you meet. The protagonist of the show, Beck (Elizabeth Lail), is just an average girl that happened to collide paths with Joe. She was not portrayed as the sharpest knife in the torture chamber, but she’s meant to show other girls how easy it is for someone like Joe to edge themselves into your life and slowly take over. We all like to say that it wouldn’t happen

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