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The Party on Pine spreads awareness for cannabis companies

Party on Pine, organized by Catalyst Cannabis, allowed the community of Long Beach to see what cannabis companies offer.

With 52 vendors and multiple performers, Pine Avenue turned into a block party for the surrounding community.

Companies such as Stuf, Buddies, Punch, Flight Path and Source Cannabis showed off what the brands offer.

Source Cannabis’ Marketing Manager Cherrnor Malekani was one of the representatives for the brand at the event.

Malekani’s job was to market the product being provided by the company.

He spoke to potential customers at the tent and explained the values of the company in greater detail.

“We’re an indoor, clean, green, certified company out of South Central, Los Angeles,” Malekani said.

The brand thrives on the organic standard in cannabis growth, which requires the cultivators and growers to follow the organic standards.

All of the plants are grown on living soil and watched closely throughout the process to provide its customers with the best natural product.

An interesting brand, according to some visitors, was Stuf, the quality small batch company.

Stuf is based in San Diego and was started in May 2022. The company has few products, but holds a quality over quantity approach.

Stuf sales representative Nicole Lebail-Sanchez said, “We’re a small business, with only a few of us in the business right now.”

“The quality over quantity approach doesn’t hinder us as a company when it comes to getting product out,” Lebail-Sanchez said.

She says that the cultivators work meticulously and quickly to provide a high quality product for customers.

The company was meant to begin before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it wasn’t able to get off the ground.

Cannabis companies were not the only vendors in attendance. Miesha Allen, owner of Scentergy, showed off her self-care products.

Scentergy offered homemade candles and body oils to support customers’ needs.

From happiness to money, Allen offered all kinds of crystal-infused candles to give customers the energy they desired.

However, energy was not lacking during the Party on Pine as Oceanside artist, Dezzy Hollow, performed a set for the attendees.

Hollow danced with the crowd and wanted to create a feeling of togetherness and bonding in Long Beach.

“For me, it’s all about smiles and being happy. I like to put on a performance people enjoy and get high to,” Hollow said.

Hollow’s performance set the tone for the rest of the night for vendors and attendees.

The Party on Pine led visitors to see the benefits of medical and recreational use. There were many smiles throughout the smoke.

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