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Come to school in style with Elektric Hair

Serving students, staff, faculties and also off-campus customers, Elektric Hair is a salon at Long Beach State that not many students are aware of and is right at their disposal.

Elektric Hair offers haircuts, colors, highlights, and styling for both men and women with prices starting at $25.

Owner and stylist Rany Leoung has always had a passion for doing hair since she was a little girl, trimming neighbors, kids and members of her family’s hair.

“So when I got the opportunity to go to school and do it professionally, I did and I love it,” Leoung said.

As part of its services, the salon offers the opportunity for clients to get their hair washed in case they don’t have time to go home and rinse off.

“I have come in with bright red hair, platinum blonde hair, shaggy long hair and crazy self-done haircuts that needed cleaning up. Leoung has never missed with a haircut,” CSULB alum Kevin Truong said.

The pleasing results and welcoming environment are what keep alumni and students returning to the salon.

The interior of Elektric Hair shows two salon chairs in this image.
The salon is right in the patio of the Southwest Terrace, outside of the USU along the wall after going down the stairs. The salon is available for anyone looking for a haircut. Photo credit: Ahrahm Joo

Elektric Hair offers students the opportunity to get haircuts in between classes and saves them time from having to go off campus.

“As someone who has graduated and works at a different college, I am someone who takes the time out of my work life to pay the $15 parking fee on top of my haircut fee because she [Leoung] is just that good,” Truong said.

Leoung remains interested in working at the campus as she looks forward to seeing different types of hairstyles that come into her salon.

A common misconception about the Elektric Hair is that it’s a cosmetology school and the students are learning how to do hair.

Third-year English major Crystal Martinez would consider getting her hair done at Elektric Hair but would like to do some research on it.

“My first thought about a hair salon at our school is that students are the ones doing it, so maybe they are training,” Martinez said.

Martinez is aware there isn’t much promotion on campus for the salon which is why she hasn’t previously heard of it.

“There’s no signs at school or announcements including making an Instagram to get it out there,” Martinez said.

Leoung is aware that not many students know about this salon.

“I would say maybe 25% know about the salon on campus,” she said.

Leoung develops a wonderful working relationship with all of her customers. She frequently asks questions from the previous sessions and takes the time to make sure the customers are happy with the final result.

“I am a little adventurous with my hair and I know it won’t always work out, but I know that she will always execute it well,” Truong said.

Elektric Hair is located at the University Student Union Southwest Terrace courtyard and is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Walk-ins are welcomed, but appointments are preferred. To schedule an appointment, call the Elektric Hair salon at (562) 985-4522.

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