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Practical Magicka and the power of manifestation

One year ago, reiki specialist Eva D’avella manifested Practical Magicka, the metaphysical shop of her dreams.

Born in Mexico and immigrating to the United States at age four, D’avella comes from a family of nine. As a child, D’avella loved crystals.

“Anything that sparkled, I would love. I’ve always been attracted to crystals,” she said.

However, as many Mexican families practice, she was raised traditionally Catholic.

“I went to Catholic school, I raised my kids Catholic, I even taught Catholicism but I always believed that there was more magic than that,” D’avella said. “I believe that God is in all of us, that we have the magic. I don’t believe in religion, but I do believe in spirituality.”

Eva says that there are three major stages of life. The first stage is when you are born to around 25 or 30 years old. This is when you establish the beginning of your life, education and get an idea of who you are.

The second stage is what you decide who you are with these experiences and ideas. The third stage, the stage D’avella says she is currently in, is when you begin to ask yourself what you can do for humanity.

This led D’avella to create her own healing space in the back of her home. This is where she began practicing the teachings of reiki and crystal healing.

While at a feng shui class conducted by Master Nate Batoon, another Practical Magicka practitioner who was recently recognized on Good Morning America for his feng shui teachings, D’avella was told about a psychic palmist named Professor Sasi Velupillai.

Shop owner Eva D’avella & Professor Sasi Velupillai
Shop owner Eva D’avella & Professor Sasi Velupillai Photo credit: Winnie Hohan

Professor Sasi Velupillai is a seventh generation psychic palm reader and empowerment consultant. He was born in Kerala, India to a Hindu family. His father, Professor Padmanabha Velupillai, was Sasi’s guru.

Velupillai describes his father as “one of the world’s most respected psychic palmists, he even worked with men such as Gandhi.”

From a young age, Velupillai was entrusted with the legacy of Indian Sanskrit mantras and Vedic rites. Velupillai also has multiple degrees in chemistry, physics, business and communications. He is a doctor of naturopathy, herbology and teaches yoga, reiki, meditation, vedic healing and an ordained minister.

Professor Sasi with H.H. the Dalai Lama at a Peace Conference.
Professor Sasi (left) with H.H. the Dalai Lama (right) at a Peace Conference.

Velupillai and D’avella say that seven generations ago, Velupillai’s family member served as counsel for an Indian king. Because of the many years of help, Velupillai’s family has had the keys to kingdoms. Velupillai himself has worked with the Dalai Lama. “I don’t come to them, they come to me because of my family’s history.” Velupillai said.

After meeting Velupillai, D’avella says that they immediately started working together in healing practices. Velupillai explains that over a year ago, they were having lunch with a friend when they came across Practical Magicka.

“When she saw the store she immediately wanted to visit, so we came in here and the previous owner was still here. We introduced ourselves and only walked around for five minutes but when we came out I told her we will be the next owners of this store,” Velupillai said.

D’avella began by renting a space in the back of the store in order to manifest and move the stores energy in her favor.

“After three months I went up to the owner to resign when she told me she was possibly retiring the store,” D’avella added. “That’s when I saw my opportunity and asked her how much she would like to give the shop to me. I was the owner by January of last year after cleansing the store for four whole months.

Together, Velupillai and D’avella practice a combination of spirituality with Eastern wisdom.

“I believe that there is one God but many different paths on how to get to him. You have your choices of how you get there, different people interpret it in different ways,” Velupillai said. “We also believe that God comes from us, we only need to look within for him.

“We often say that if you can’t see God in everybody or every living thing then you won’t be able to see God anywhere.”

Palmistry, which is Velupillai’s speciality, is the overview of one’s palms and lines on their hands which tells the reader information about that person’s life.

“Palmistry is a science. It is possible to tell the client about their potential, limitations, creativity and how they can use that information to motivate them,” he said. “I am like a coach that tells an individual what tools will empower them. It is a life enriching experience.”

Other than Velupillai, D’avella works as a reiki master, healer and soon she will be certified in past life regression. The store also supplies customers with crystals, amulets, herbs, oils, candles and other divination tools.

Practical Magic metaphysical tools
Practical Magic metaphysical tools Photo credit: Winnie Hohan

Velupillai says that one of the rooms in the store is used for meditation classes every Sunday.

“On Sunday’s we teach techniques to celebrate life better while keeping your brain balanced,” Velupillai said.

Every second Saturday, Practical Magicka hosts a psychic fair where healers and readers come together.

“We feature Professor Sasi’s palm reading, three tarot readers, oracle readers, handwriting analysis, feng shui and vendors,” D’avella said.

Practical Magicka storefront sign
Practical Magicka storefront sign Photo credit: Winnie Hohan

In addition, she stated that anyone who is interested in being a vendor or featured healer can get an application from the store to participate.

“In the university system, many things are black and white. Practical Magicka is the type of place that offers a person the ability to dive into all of the colors in between and explore. There is a rainbow all around us,” professor Velupillai said.

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