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Marvel vs. DC: two universes collide at Beach Pride’s mini Comic Con event

Comic fans geeked out in costumes for a night filled with games, crafts and food.

Hosted by Associated Students Inc., the Nov. 15 event took place in the University Student Union ballrooms.

Long Beach State students ate pizza while participating in a variety of activities such as Marvel vs. DC Jeopardy, t-shirt decorating, a costume contest and a raffle at the end of the night.

Cosplayers from the company, Beverly Hills Princess, also attended the event dressed as Captain America and Wonder Woman. They strolled around talking to students and posing for pictures.

Amaris Guevara, biomedical engineering major and ASI member, helped coordinate the event. In the Marvel vs. DC debate, she is a Marvel fan.

Guevara’s favorite hero is Black Widow because she fights only using her own skills without the help of extra powers.

“To me, she is the most realistic superhero,” Guevara said.

She also shared that she admires Black Widow’s resourcefulness and ability to utilize tools in her attacks.

Sebastian Lopez, illustration major, dressed up in a home-made costume of Marvel villain, The Spot.

In the Marvel vs. DC debate, Lopez is both an avid Marvel and DC fan, with his favorite Marvel character being Deadpool, while his favorite DC character is Red Hood.

“I think Deadpool is super hilarious and I like comparing myself to him,” Lopez said. “I always like making jokes so I can relate to him.”

In regards to Red Hood, Lopez loves the character’s edgy persona. Even as an anti-hero, Lopez said that he sympathizes with Red Hood’s origin story as Jason Todd, who felt neglected by Batman when the Dark Knight was unable to save him.

Lopez’s dedication to the fandoms paid off when he won both superhero Jeopardy and the costume contest. Prizes included a Coffee Bean gift card and a Black Panther Funko Pop.

Ansel Sriphet, fashion design major, also won the costume contest with a home-made Bonnie costume from the popular video game, Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The Student Illustration Production Squad (SIPS) is a CSU Long Beach club that attended the event and promoted their work with stickers and other merchandise.

Vice President Ryan Nieto, a visual development and pre-production major, created an art zine where students can submit their artwork to be presented in it by contacting them through Instagram or Discord.

As the event winded down, the remaining students gathered to play a few rounds of party classics, “Kahoot” and “Just Dance.”

Students can learn more about future ASI events through their website or social media.

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