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‘The Shape of Things’ leaves everyone naked, wanting more

Neil LaBute’s play “The Shape of Things,” is directed by Hugh O’Gorman and presented by the University Players of the CSULB Theatre Department, which wrapped up their three-week performance on December 6, 2008. This play was an emotional rollercoaster of intrigue, betrayal, manipulative seduction and love, questioning “how far would[Read More…]

The 88 debut with sunny power pop songs

I still wonder why The 88 hasn’t been signed by a major record label until now. It’s a great indie rock band, it has toured endlessly and has grown a big fan base on the Internet.             Finally, with an awesome album on Island records, The 88 might be the[Read More…]

Velocity picked up the pace

The dance faculty at Cal State Long Beach put on a show over the weekend that was not without a little craziness. Velocity, the dance program presented by the CSULB College of The Arts and the Department of Dance, featured work by guest artists Mike Esperanza and Regina Klenjoski, and[Read More…]

The Cure discovers the cure for waning popularity

Admittedly, the Cure haven’t gotten very much attention in the mainstream anymore. After all, they formed way back in the late 1970s. And their last really great album was “Wish” back in 1992.            But if the Cure is indeed not cool anymore, their new album, “4:13 Dream,” is a cool[Read More…]

TV On the Radio undergoes transformation

No one can deny that TV on the Radio is the hottest band in America. Although the band started as blues rockers, they’ve always delved into bizarre, awesome electronic sonicscapes.    But TV’s new album, “Dear Science,” delves into glam rock-styled jazz songs as well, in a transformation that is as[Read More…]

Break out the skillet and good music

It has been quite some time since Hellogoodbye released a proper full-length record. In 2006, the band released their debut album, “Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!” and proceeded to tour vigorously through the next two years to promote it. Fans eager for a new record were let down as the band[Read More…]

‘Appeal’ to not much

With the release of their 5th studio album, “Appeal To Reason,” Rise Against has reiterated that they still hate the way our country runs itself and that they still really enjoy making loud, hardcore rock.    If their press release that accompanied the CD that landed in our newsroom hadn’t been[Read More…]

CJO performs ‘West Side Story’

In America today, jazz is a dying art form.  Even though it’s being taught at most universities around the country, the only way one can really know the popularity of a genre is by record sales. Considering the overall slump in CD and iTunes sales due to music pirating and[Read More…]

Conservatory presents original faculty composition

The newly named Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at Cal State University Long Beach began their musical calendar with a very strong program featuring works from Giuseppe Verdi, Franz Schmidt, Richard Strauss and a piece from our very own Michael Carney. Conducted by Johannes Müller-Stosch, the orchestra has been improving[Read More…]

The new perverts on the block

The New Kids on the Block’s new album shows that, like David Duchovny, they are old guys addicted to sex. When they were young, maybe it would be a little more acceptable to hear this kind of talk. However, in the new album “The Block,” they killed their great singing[Read More…]

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