"Look at different countries in a socialist regime, they are struggling and starving," said Bob Provencher, a grounds keeper for LBSU. The Turning Point USA tabling took place at LBSU near LA 5 on March 26, 2019.
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Turning Point USA says “Socialism Sucks” on campus

Turning Point USA promoted Culture Shock! Tuesday with signs reading “Socialism Sucks.”  

The event will feature guest speakers discussing conservative views in politics in University Student Union Beach Auditorium April 9.

“Young people think about it for a few seconds and Socialism sounds good, but they don’t go deep into the roots and the because in what’s happening in countries around the world,” said Paul Erickson, president of the Long Beach State Turning Point chapter.

Erickson added that he brought the “Socialism Sucks” sign because it is provocative toward young people.

David Fyner, a Turning Point USA member, explained they were on campus to support free speech and to tell people to be independent thinkers.

“We don’t want any bread lines or people having to eat zoo animals,” he said. Fyner added that students only hear positive things about socialism and communism, and that the campus should have cameras in classrooms and see what is being taught to its students.

Fyner was talking about Cuba and Venezuela, and if people from the U.S. end up using Socialism, the U.S. population go hungry without a capitalist system.

Bob Provencher, a grounds worker for LBSU and Vietnam war veteran gave his thoughts on the “Socialism Sucks” sign.

“I ran into into interns from Cuba, they were so depressed and so sad about their living conditions under socialism, that they would plant the sugar cane upside down and it was their way to show that they weren’t happy with the regime,” he said.

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