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Dream Success Center continues supporting undocumented students

The Long Beach State is offering resources to undocumented students at the Dream Success Center.

Norma Salcedo, the director of the Dream Success Center, said that the university is open to any student regardless of their immigration status and needs centralized support for undocumented students.

“That need was identified by activism from student organizations such as FUEL (For Undocumented Empowered Leaders) and Associated Students Incorporated, they advocated for resources for undocumented students,” Salcedo said.

The center provides free immigration legal services that are available for students, staff, faculty and recent alumni that graduated within the last two years and immediate family members.

Their legal providers are under an organization called “Carecen” that covers the $725 naturalization fee for individuals who are applying for citizenship. They also offer DACA renewal fee assistance.

The center may also provide assistance if any student were to be detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Since opening in 2015, the Dream Success Center has provided support through full-time staffing that is dedicated to ensure that undocumented students have the support to navigate CSULB.

Salcedo and coordinator Jordi Conde work with their staff to make sure they provide help such as one-on-one support to students that need academic or financial aid guidance.

The Dream Success Center offers programs that teach students how to apply for internships, medical school, jobs or anything related to their career with their immigration status.

Mentorships dedicated to first-year or transfer students are also offered. It is tailored to support their transition into the university with mentors paired up with students to guide them during their first semester.

The center’s partnership with the office of financial aid offers counselors who help students apply for the California DREAM Act or have questions about it.

The Dream Success Center works closely with the office of admissions as well. The office may provide exemptions so some students can avoid paying for out-of-state tuition.

The services will be available regardless of federal legislation, as their services and the financial aid they provide is tied to the state and not federal government.

The Dream Success Center is located inside the Shakarian Family Student Success Center in room 290.

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