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SWRC check-in app glitches continue for students

By: Christian Lopez and Bailey Sanchez

Long Beach State students who use the Student Recreation and Wellness Center expressed their frustration with the check-in application that has experienced glitches all semester.

The app gives students a barcode to check into the facility and use the equipment offered at CSULB’s recreation center such as basketball, weight lifting, swimming and volleyball.

Tyler Kelsey, a CSULB fourth-year computer science major, said he has issues logging into the app.

“I enjoy the app for how it shows off events, but trying to log in at the very beginning is a bit of a pain and it makes you refresh every time even if you logged in before,” Kelsey said.

Dylan Bove, a CSULB mechanical engineering major, also believes there should be adjustments made for an easier way to enter the building.

“It feels like it’s a 99 Cents Store app,” Bove said. “It takes forever to load. They’d have to put the money into it for it to improve, but I don’t think they want to.”

Matthew Sauceda, the SRWC administrative and facility coordinator, said, “We have received the feedback from students and we are working on the items that they have brought to our attention.”

Sauceda and employees at the SRWC, advise students to switch to the Eduroam Wifi instead of Beachnet+ to have better service using the app, or using personal data. However, error messages are still prevalent using such methods.

Sauceda also explained that the barcode should last for three days, though students alleged they needed to login each time they enter the building.

CSULB students can use the building and the equipment for free, as it is included in their tuition. Gap semester or continuing students are encouraged to purchase the continuing student membership, marked at $124 per semester.

The vendor for the app, InnoSoft Canada, is also partnered with other schools in developing their recreation apps as well. Cal State Fullerton, Northridge, UC Irvine, and UC Davis all seem to be experiencing similar difficulties based off of the review boards for the apps, as collectively they have an average user rating of 1.3 out of 5.

Multiple comments cite the same issues, such as crashing and barcode problems.

When students have trouble logging into the app, they can receive assistance from staff at the front desk.

In response to customer feedback, Sauceda said staff is working to fix the problems with the app and hopes to have a better version of the app by 2023.

“We are very hopeful that it will alleviate some of the issues that some of our students and members are encountering now,” Sauceda said.

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