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Influential Tunes: Gabe Bondoc is an artist who understands how love can be tough

Music can be a representation of almost everything that surrounds the human heart. The words and emotions that are put in a song can pull the strings of your heart, make you fall in love, or straight up make you cry.

Growing up in a musically inclined family, music runs in our blood. Ranging from singing for our church to doing random covers of songs that we hear on the radio. In my eyes, music is my way of trying to get my feelings to the person that I love.

It can be a happy, sad, or a straight up silly song that makes her laugh. As long as I can convey my feelings to her, music is my way of communicating it.

An artist that I say represents how I was built up as a person is Filipino-American artist Gabe Bondoc.

Gabe Bondoc singing First Choice at the Chapel.
Gabe Bondoc singing First Choice at the Chapel. Photo credit: Nehemiah Balaoro

His songs can make or break you. The genre that he does is a mix between R&B and Soul. There are lessons in his songs that can help you when trying to find the one or just trying to get through life.

There are two songs that resonate in my own life, and whenever I listen to them, I want to sing them to my “special person.”

First Choice is a song where you know that the person you fell in love with is the one.

The lyrics, “My heart’s been yours for so long, and it knows right where it’s belong with you,”

Speaks volumes of how much Bondoc loves the person he is referring to. The whole focus of this song is that the person he is singing to is his first and only choice.

When I heard this song for the first time, I had that reaction where I needed to have this song in my playlist on the spot. In my mind, I wanted to sing this to the girl that I am dating so she knows how much she means to me.

The song “Mission” is where Bondoc seems to be unsure if he should keep reaching for the person but he’s doubtful of having another shot.

When he sings the lyrics, “When your ship has sailed, from my heart keep asking away,” there is a sense of conflict within him that he wants to let go because he thinks that the relationship is over but his heart does not want to give up.

These two songs help me whenever I am thinking deeply about someone. When there is a certain emotion that is developing inside us, we sometimes turn to music to find that meaning. Bondoc’s songs put words to what I am feeling.

The concert of Gabe Bondoc was located in The Chapel Hall in San Francisco on August 22nd, 2017.
The concert of Gabe Bondoc was located in The Chapel Hall in San Francisco on August 22nd, 2017. Photo credit: Nehemiah Balaoro

Bondoc’s music helped me become more of a “soft” person who knows when to feel emotional at the right time.

There were times that I had difficulty seeing what my significant other was feeling deep inside. There were times when I could not recognize the pain she had, and it is regrettable to think back.

But ever since I started listening to Bondoc’s music, it opened my eyes to what those feelings are and how to comfort her when she needed me the most.

For those who have that significant other, there needs to be a balance of being strong but also having emotions. It is okay to show your hidden feelings occasionally to the person that you love.

It is not a sign of weakness but rather strength because you know how to empathize with your significant other. In other words, it makes you human.

Whenever you’re feeling down or needing that certain song to listen to when thinking about someone, Gabe Bondoc is the artist to find just that.

If you are someone who knows how to play music, you could even serenade one of his songs to your significant other. It helped me get through my rough patches and you just might find the same for you in Bondoc’s music.

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