Worldwide Magic: How Christmas at Disneyland Brings Families Together

By: Dylan Hogan (Guest Writer)

Christmas trees, festive lights, garlands, candy canes and an endless amount of “hidden Mickeys” are placed all throughout the resort as soon as the Halloween decorations are put back into storage.

Disneyland takes Christmas very seriously, as they should. With the resort being so popular and such a meaningful place for some families, spreading the holiday spirit throughout the park gives those from all across the world a place to all come together and celebrate.

I have been lucky enough to see the Christmas joy and Disney magic filled in the eyes of so many people, ready for all the memories they get to make with their loved ones.

Being a cast member at the Disneyland Hotel has put me in the forefront of families connecting from around the world, sometimes seeing their loved ones again, meeting grandchildren for the first time, or being surprised by someone that they missed most. I love getting to capture these moments with my own eyes and feel emotion for people I have only just met.

For some, these life-changing moments would not have been possible if it wasn’t for them being at Disneyland. The amazing moments that guests at the Disneyland Resort are able to experience become all that much better when it reminds them of other incredible Disney Christmas memories.

As a cast member, especially in the guest services department, we are trained specifically to make the guests’ experience at Disneyland as good as it can possibly be. We do whatever needs to be done to fulfill this need year round.

When Christmas rolls around, my job becomes much easier. Most guests already come with this being a trip that they will never forget, and will continue to talk about with their loved ones for years to come.

This is what has always been intended for the Festive Holidays & Christmas Celebration at Disneyland, that it’s a place for families to come together, create new memories, and celebrate the holidays.

There aren’t many places like Disneyland during the holidays. Where else are you able to ride “Holiday Haunted Mansion: The Nightmare Before Christmas” while also searching for your sixth holiday-themed churro of the day and hoping you do not miss the Christmas fireworks and parades?

And while everything that has been stated is very important, it is also very important to not lose sight on how to treat cast members with respect and love during the holidays.

Some cast members are not as lucky as others, as they are asked to spend their holidays making sure others are feeling elated with their loved ones. They do a great service to ensure the happiness of others, especially during a time where there are many other places they might want to be at.

With this being a favorite time of the year for many, enjoying it at the Disneyland Resort is a great pleasure with the many opportunities and fun it will bring, but being around the people who make you the most happy only make it better.

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