Students express the benefits and disadvantages of working for ASI

By: Lexi Gonzalez (Guest Writer)

Associated Students Inc. (ASI) is a nonprofit membership association owned and operated by the students of Long Beach State.

Currently, over 550 part-time students at Long Beach State are employed by ASI and 70 full-time staff. An integral part of the university, ASI services include the University Student Union, Student Recreation & Wellness Center, Isabel Patterson Child Development Center and the ASI Food Pantry.

Prided with the motto “Keeping Student’s First”, ASI is an association advertised as student-ran and student-oriented. Yet, students employed by ASI are limited from certain opportunities and access despite being a part of the beach community themselves.

For example, students that work at the SRWC are prohibited from participating in Owen’s Condition For Tuition.

One of the largest scholarship challenges on campus, Owen’s Condition For Tuition is a workout and wellness incentive that gives students the opportunity to win one semester of free tuition.

Despite this, the SRWC website currently states “It is completely FREE to join and any currently enrolled students for the 2022 to 2023 academic year are eligible to participate.”

Student’s employed under ASI are also not assisted with parking. Therefore, workers under ASI that don’t purchase costly parking passes are left to search parking in surrounding areas.

“Despite working under ASI, they provide no relief to the endless hunt that is parking at CSULB,” said Ian Delgadilo, a student and former employee of two years at the SRWC.

Many employees feel that it is unfair that purchasing parking passes are mandatory during winter and summer breaks when many student employees at ASI do not have classes.

This is not to discredit the benefits of working on-campus. As an employee, many ASI jobs take into account school schedules into work availability.

“I love working on campus because they are understanding that college gets super stressful and that school comes first”, said Adrielle Escano.

Furthermore, there is also a student community cherished in ASI departments. As many workers in ASI are pursuing education at CSULB, the working environment is often youthful and friendly.

“My coworkers have become some of my best friends,” said Escano. “It is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

In short, there is more to working on-campus than meets the eye. It is up to the reader whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of working for ASI.

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