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Editor’s Note

Long Beach is home to thousands of unique businesses and lively spaces, from plant stores to sex shops, to climbing gyms and historical landmarks, there’s something for everyone. With a welcoming community and beautiful sights to see, Long Beach has many places worthy of being highlighted.

In this issue of the Daily Forty-Niner, known as our Student Choice Awards, Long Beach State students voted on their favorite businesses in a variety of categories. A few of these categories include: “Best Place for Plant Parenthood,” “Best Place to take your Date” and “Best Place for a Sweet Fix.” Out of more than 75 nominations, 19 businesses came out on top.

In this day and age, it can be hard to be a business owner. When customers have such easy access to products online through e-commerce websites like Amazon, local businesses suffer as a result. Therefore, in this issue, we are doing our part as students to strengthen this community we all love.

This edition of the Daily Forty-Niner details the 19 winning locations chosen by students and highlights the other nominees for each category. If you’re ever in need of a sweet fix or breakfast recommendation, look no further! This issue showcases the best and brightest of Long Beach, as chosen by students.

Congratulations to each business nominated in this issue and thank you for your continued work in helping to make Long Beach the best it can be. We appreciate you and your dedication to serving this community!

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