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Uh oh, Brady’s back

Tom Brady. The man, the myth, the legend. The most beloved, but yet most hated quarterback in the league. He is every football fan’s worst nightmare.

So many football fans on this Earth has had their teams dismantled by this menace. There have only been two teams that have been able to put an end to his reign, the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles.

So many have prayed for his downfall every time he stepped foot on the gridiron. However, despite all of that, he has already established himself as arguably the best quarterback in the entire history of the National Football League.

Brady has proved time and time again that age is just a number. When he announced his retirement the nightmare ended. Or so we thought.

When he officially announced his retirement, it sort of felt different. Not different like change of scenery from Foxborough, Massachusetts to Tampa Bay, Florida felt different. It’s pretty hard to describe this feeling. Perhaps off-putting. Maybe this feeling is because deep down, everyone in the football world, the fans and the players, knew he was coming back.

How could he just stay away? There were never any signs of him slowing down. No signs of father time catching up to him. I don’t think I was the only one who was surprised when the Buccaneers were taken down by the eventual Super Bowl champions, Los Angeles Rams.

How can someone with such a competitive nature leave after going down like that? Well ladies and gentlemen, he’s back with “unfinished business” (even though he has seven Super Bowl rings).

The NFL is in trouble. It is revenge season and Brady is out for blood. Something that was within his grasp was taken from him and he wants it back. He will cut down anyone that stands in his way in order to take it back.

Let’s be honest, if anyone could pull this sort of stunt it would be Tom Brady. What does this mean for the NFL? Simple. Next season is going to be interesting. Right when people started to feel comfortable and felt that their teams had a good chance of possibly being contenders to win it all, they got smacked in the face with some unpleasant news.

Did we need this? In my opinion, heck yes. I absolutely want to see what happens. Who doesn’t love a little plot twist? You can’t tell me, even if you are someone who isn’t exactly a fan of Tom Brady, you’re not the least bit curious of what he’s going to do this season.

For Buccaneer fans everywhere, there is no doubt that they are ecstatic with this news. Maybe some of them even expected this to happen.

Regardless of whether he wins or not next season, there is no possibility that his legacy will be tainted at the least. There is no way you can take away any credibility from someone who has been named the most valuable player of the year three times and who has won the Super Bowl seven times. As far as winning goes, he’s the best at it.

While watching him next season, sure you can root against him or for him, but just know that this could really be his last season. My advice is to just sit back and watch greatness appear on the football field for possibly one last dance.

Say what you want, but he is the true embodiment of football. A winner? That’s him. A natural competitor? Without question he is. Are we really ready to say goodbye to someone like that for good?

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