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Isa new beginning with Silva at the Beach

Originally from Sacramento, California, Isa Silva has hopes in leading the Beach team during the oncoming season. The first-generation Mexican-American point guard stands 6-foot-4 and is the first in his family to be born in the United States.

When it came to the decision to leave Stanford and come down to The Beach, Silva found it an easy choice to go to a place where he feels he can thrive.

“When I entered the transfer portal, it was all about fit and it was a basketball-driven decision,” Silva said, “I had a great experience at Stanford, but from a basketball perspective, it was time for a change of scenery for me.”

He felt extremely welcome when he made his visit to The Beach and looks forward to working with the coaching staff to best highlight his abilities as a passer and playmaker on and off the ball.

“The coaching staff and the players really made me feel welcome on my visit, and they were really looking for a point guard to come in, Silva said.

“Coach Dan Monson, Coach Myke Scholl, Coach Carey and now Coach Larry Anderson, they all have that vision for me.”

Long Beach State men’s basketball head coach Dan Monson prioritized getting playmaking guards during the summer to initiate a better flow for the offense and have options in the depth chart.

“I think it was evident last year we had a good basketball team, but we didn’t have anybody to run it when when when Joel Murray went down with an injury, Monson said.

“That was a priority for us to get point guards who could not just run a team but could shoot the basketball and I think Isa really fits that bill.”

Silva will join a team at the Beach that was No. 3 in the nation in rebounds per game, but finished outside of the top 200 in effective field goal percentage.

The 6-foot-4 guard looks to bring some stability and flair to this Beach offense, give the fans a show, and produce winning basketball.

He won’t be the only one bringing style as he described his Long Beach State teammates as, “people playing the right way and playing fast and with some swag.”

The Beach has high hopes for this season, with the addition of Silva, and Silva said he is looking forward to playing with this Beach team.

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